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A quality craftsmanship experience

Waffelman has been present on the Italian market since 1987. It produces and supplies Waffel at national and international level, to ice-cream parlours, yoghurt shops, bars, grocery stores and shopping malls.

The long experience in the sector allows the company to propose itself as a benchmark for those looking for a unique and high quality standard  handcrafted product. Waffelman products are easy to prepare and ideal for your business.

There are many ways to sell Waffel since there are different customers and markets. They can be sold in various places and in the most enjoyable situations. You can find our Waffel at fairs, pedestrian zones,   the amusement parks, and even at the ski slopes refreshment  stops.

The Waffel is the ideal product for all those who have their business in very popular places . Customers will be attracted by the delicious aroma coming from its preparation!

Our offer for professionals

Waffelman does not produce only waffles, but it also provides professionals everything they need for their business.

Our most popular Waffel are the cooked and individually wrapped in protective atmosphere, ready to eat, and the frozen dough for waffles to be cooked. Waffelman also produces the special Multimix Powder Preparation for sweet and savoury Waffles, Crêpes and Pancakes.

Our offer for company and retail sales is enriched by frozen Pancakes, Crêpes and Blinis, spreading Creams, Dispensers, Crêpe makers, Toasters, and Waffle makers. In addition, Waffelman produces the special Waffel machine Staw 100, which guarantees excellent cooking and a daily production of 700/800 Waffels.

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Who we are

giuseppe manta waffelman

Giuseppe Manta, CEO Waffelman

Giuseppe is the founder of Waffelman. He opened his first Waffel shop in the centre of Pistoia over 30 years ago.  Giuseppe brought the authentic Liegi Waffel recipe in Italy in 1987 and since then he has been taking care of  every aspect of the company, from the choice of raw materials to production and customer relations.

patrizia boschi waffelman

Patrizia Boschi, Commercial Manager

Patrizia is the Commercial Manager of Waffelman and  has been working in the company for 12 years. She takes care of dealing with our customers such as wholesalers, retailers, amusement parks and GDO (Large-Scale Retail trade).

melania waffelman

Melania Meschini, Logistics Manager

Melania has been working in Waffelman since 2009. She is responsible for logistics and shipping, as well as relationships with all our direct customers.

graziella mazzoncini waffelman

Graziella Mazzoncini,  Administration Manager

Graziella has been working in Waffelman since 2002.  For over 15 years she has been taking care of  accounting, invoicing and everything related to company administration.

antonietta waffelman

Antonietta Giuntoli, Foreign Sales

Antonietta collaborates with Waffelman for the foreign market. She takes care of relationships with wholesalers and companies in Europe, America and Asia, advising them the products more suitable for their needs.