Frozen Crêpes and Pancakes

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Waffelman Crêpes

Waffelman not only sells Waffel, but also Frozen Crêpes and Pancakes ready to be thawed and heated.

Waffelman sells Crêpes of 29 cm and 35 cm in diameter, respectively of 50 g and 70 g. The 70 g Crêpes are also available  sweet. Stored in the freezer at -18°C, they have a shelf-life of 18 months.

Our crêpes are suitable for both sweet and savoury recipes. All you need to do is to thaw  and heat them in a Crêpes Maker and then garnish and serve them. 

Thaw them in the refrigerator (about 3 hours). Afterwards put the Crêpe in a preheated Crepes maker at medium temperature and in 20/30 seconds it will be ready to be topped and served.5

Waffelman Pancakes

Waffelman Pancakes are part of the typical American breakfast and they can be served with maple syrup or other ingredients.

Waffelman sells 9 cm (25 g) pancakes in 80-piece cartons and 11 cm (40 g) pancakes   in 72-piece cartons.

They can be thawed at room temperature (1 hour), in toaster (30 seconds) or in  microwave (20 seconds at 750 watts).

After having them thawed, they must be heated in a Crêpe maker or in non-stick pan or in toaster for 20/30 seconds at medium temperature.

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Crêpes Features:

  • Product: Frozen Crêpes.
  • Ingredients: WHEAT flour,  fresh full-cream MILK, water,   fresh EGGS, salt.  Processing aid (greasing agent): sunflower oil. Contains GLUTEN.
  • Flavour: Neutral or Sweet (only 70 g);
  • Weight:  50 g (29 cm) and 70 g (35 cm);                        
  • Shelf life: 18 months;
  • Storage: refrigerator (+ 4 ° C): 48 hours; in ice compartment (-12 ° C): 4 days; in freezer (-18 ° C): 18 months;
  • Packing: in PE bag;
  • Pieces per carton: 50 Crêpes 

Pancakes Features:

  • Product: Frozen Pancakes.
  • Ingredients: fresh full-cream MILK, WHEAT flour, cane sugar, EGGS, concentratedBUTTER (5,8%), powdered yeast (E450, E500, WHEAT starch), salt. Contains GLUTEN.
  • Flavour: sweet;
  • Weight: 25 g (9 cm) and 40 g (11 cm);
  • Shelf life: 18 months;
  • Storage: in refrigerator (+ 4 ° C): 48 hours; in ice compartment (-12 ° C): 4 days; in freezer (-18 ° C): 18 months;
  • Packing: flowpack;
  • Pieces per carton: 80 Pancakes 25 g each, 72 Pancakes 40 g each.