Krups FDD95D Waffle maker

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The Krups FDD95D is a waffle maker for baking and heating Waffels of 1400 Watt power.

With the Krups Waffle maker, you can cook 2 Waffels of 10 x 16.5 cm in length at the same time. It is easy to clean, thanks to the non-stick coating that allows you to easily extract Waffel.

The main feature of this plate is the rotating handle that rotates the plates by 180° C, ensuring a uniform cooking of the product.

This waist is robust and made of impact resistant stainless steel. The plates can be removed to be washed separately.

It is sold with the shelf for drip protection and the takewaffel skewer.

Just a few minutes to warm or bake Waffel crunchy out and soft inside.

How to use the Krups FDD95D Waffle maker

Preliminary operations

  • Put the Krups Bowl on a solid surface, do not use it on a soft stand.
  • Do not place the plate over or near slippery or hot surfaces.
  • Do not leave the power cord hanging over a heat source (cooker, hobs, etc …).
  • For the first time, place the handle in a horizontal position, open the appliance and remove all self-adhesive packagings and accessories inside and outside the appliance.
  • Place the drain recovery tray under the appliance.

Connecting to the mains

  • Close the Kraver Bowl.
  • Only connect the appliance to an earthed outlet.
  • Connect the power cord to the power plug: the red light will turn on and indicate that the appliance is switched on properly.
  • If the power cord is damaged, contact your service representative.

How to Heat Waffelman baked Waffel in MAP

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  • krups waffelman closed
  • Connect the Krups Lid to the Power Plug and check that it is in the horizontal and closed position.
  • Adjust the thermostat to the 2/3 position for preheating.
  • When the green light goes on, the preheating is terminated and the plate can be used.
  • Remove the Waffle from the packaging, open the Waffle Krups, place the
  • Waffel cooked in a protective atmosphere in the mold and close the Waffle.
  • After about 15/20 seconds the waffle will be ready: open the waffle, remove the waffle from the plate with the help of the provided prendiwaffel and serve it.

How to Cook Frozen Dough for Waffel and Waffelman’s Multimix Prepared

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  • Connect the Waffle maker Krups to the current, check that it is closed and in horizontal position.
  • Adjust the thermostat to the waffelman turn 4.krups position
  • Open the waistband by making sure not to touch the hot surfaces of the appliance.
  • Place Defrosted Raw Pasta for Waffel or the cooked mixture with the Multimix Preparation on the bottom plate.
  • Close the Bowl and rotate the plates with the swivel handle clockwise to lock the opening and cook the Waffel.krups smooth waffelman swivel handle
  • After about 3/4 minutes the waffle is ready: open the waffle, remove the waffle from the plate with the help of the supplied prendiwaffel skewer and serve it.

Operations to be carried out after the use of the Krups Waffle maker

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  • Put the thermostate to position 0 to avoid overheating the plates.
  • Disconnect the power plug from the power supply.
  • Cool the plates leaving the waistcoat open.
  • Once cooled, the plates can be removed and washed separately with cold water.
  • Do not use abrasive sponges or powder detergents to clean the plates.
  • Once cleaned, you can put the plates back in the cupboard and close it again.
  • Grinding plates krups waffelman to decrease the size of the waistband and put it in a mobile, press on the release button of the handle and fold it back on.


  • In stainless steel
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Number of removable plates: 2 (1 lower + 1 upper)
  • You can cook and heat up to 2 Waffel at the same time
  • Waffel Dimensions (cm): 10 x 16.5
  • Rotating handle at 180°
  • Voltage: 240 V
  • Ignition light (red)
  • Pre-warming light (green)
  • Grip release button
  • Plate release button
  • Drain recovery tray
  • Power cord
  • Including skewer skewer
  • Waffelman Warranty: 1 year