Electric Waffle maker to bake and heat Waffel

Waffelman Staw 100 Waffle maker 

Waffelman Staw 100 Waffle Maker is suitable for baking Waffelman Frozen dough.

The two cast iron plates allow  maintaining constant heat for a long time. Staw 100   is available both in 220 Volts and 110 Volts models.

This machine guarantees a daily production of 700-800 Waffel.

Krups FDD95D Waffle maker

The Krups FDD95D Waffle maker is suitable for heating Waffelman baked Waffel or cooking small quantities of Waffelman frozen dough.

It is equipped with a rotating handle for optimum cooking and 2 removable and washable teflon-plated aluminum plates.

Horecatech RS550 Waffle maker

Horecatech RS550  stainless steel waffel maker with satin steel finishing.  

It is equipped with an upper and a lower cast iron plates.

It has an adjustable thermostat that can reach a temperature of 300° C.

Rollergrill GES23 electric waffle maker for waffles on sticks

Waffle maker for waffles on sticks, 4 pieces at a time.

The high conductive cast iron plates allow distributing the heat uniformly thus obtaining golden and crispy waffles in 2’30”, up to 96 pieces/hour.